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Styling: Atelier Aletheia and Rita and co. Photography: Javier Pérez Pichel

With extensive artistic and technical training (drawing, color, sculpture, intaglio, photography, design, pattern making, clothing, textiles, footwear, leather goods and jewelry), Sara López develops her professional career as a designer, learning with great Spanish designers (as Sara Navarro or Agata Ruiz de la Prada) and collaborating in different areas of fashion (Exhibitions at the Reina Sofía National Art Museum, Cibeles Catwalk in Madrid, Inescoop – footwear innovation and technology center – and Swarovski trend books, etc…).

She gets to know very closely the artisan workshops, as well as the national manufacturing quality of fashion & accessories, and deepens into the study of fashion and market trends in Paris, Milan, New York, London, Ámsterdam and Tokyo, among others.

For years she works as a creative and product manager, being responsable for the design and manufacturing department of footwear and accessories in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, China and India, and is responsible for the creation and launching of new products.

She creates, supervises and advises on various footwear collections for women and men, as well as on handbags, accessories, jewelry, and fine jewelry for national and internacional clients. She collaborates in artistic projects, graphic design & photography, as well as in projects of image & styling, decoration, design & manufacture of personalizad products, company gifts, uniforms, etc.

After her career in large and medium-sized companies, she trained as jewelry technician, where she learned traditional jewelry techniques, designed fine jewelry pieces and handcrafted jewelry collections of the brand “rita and co”, launched after her stay in Japan, as well as the rest of accessories that she also designs, forming part of the “show fashion” and “conscious fashion” movement. His training in DESIGN AND APPLIED ARTS AND ARTISTIC TRADES, as well as his healthy and sustainable way of life, make his work a continuous search for authenticity.

In 2018 she obtains the Artisan Certification of the Valencian Community.

In January 2020 she participates in the collective exhibition of Contemporary Design and Crafts COMPLEMETARIOS, in DIMAD-Matadero, Madrid.

 And in 2021 it participates in the European program CRAFTING EUROPE- New models for European Crafts.

Currently her pieces are present in Tokyo, Madrid, Valencia , Barcelona and available at her online store. (